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Constitution of Students' Council: - These rules and regulations will be called "Students' Council Constitution" and the Council will be governed by the same. Students Selection for the Council: -

Clause 1: Each and every class will be divided into 6 or 7 sections as the case may be, according to the Roll No. starting from 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, 31 to 40, 41 to 50, 51 to 60 and 61 to 70. Then the topper student of each and every block of 10 students will be selected. Thus, there will be 6 or 7 students selected from a particular class, as the case may be, and group of these topper studnets will be called Class Council. If there are no girls between these 6 or 7 topper selected students, 2 girls topper students of overall class will be selected and nominated in the Class Council. The selection of IInd to VIIIth Semester will be made on the basis of the recent University Exam result. The first Semester students selection will be made on the basis of 10+2 Examinations.

Clause 2: The overall topper student of the Class Council will be nominated as Class Council Convenor who will be responsible for the coordination of Class Council activities and the Council will be responsible for the coordination of class activities.

Clause 3: The group of all the Class Council Convenors will be called Executive Council. The Executive Council will be responsible for the management and execution of all the functions and activities of the Class Council. The overall topper of the Executive Council on the basis of recent university results will be designated as the Convenor of Students' Council and Executive Council and rest of the students of Executive Committee will be called Members.

Clause 4: Group of Class Council(s) and Execution Council will be called Students' Council and the same will be headed by the Convenor of Executive Council.

Clause 5: To maintain discipline, to provide guidance, to solve the grievances of the Students' Council, there will be a Patrons Committee consisted of 7 Faculty Members. These Faculty Members will be nominated by the Administration/ Management of the Institute. Patrons Committee will be headed by the Convenor. If any issue remains unsolved at Patrons Committee level, the same will be referred to the Director of the Institute and the Director will seek final approval from the Chairman through proper channel.

Clause 6: Within 10 days of declaration of university results, the students will be replaced from the Students' Council, if required. If any new student becomes topper in the class blocks other than the existing member of Council, he will replace the existing member of same block. The Institute will notify the list of Students' Council, Executive Council and Class Council(s) replacements within 10 days of declaration of the university results. These notifications/ lists will be made available on the Notice Boards in the library, with the H. O. D. s, Academic Office and on the Institute's website.

Clause 7: To conduct any kind of activity, representation will be made by the concerned class or classes, and then the same will be recommended and forwarded by the respective Class Council(s) through Executive Council to the Patron's Committee. The Patrons Committee will examine the proposal and put up a report regarding Financial and Execution aspects to the Director of the Institute. The Director will take orders from the Chairman through proper Channel. The Chairman's decision will be final on financial and execution aspect of the activity.

Clause 8: As per time to time requirements, if the students' representative(s) are required for any purpose (e.g. Placement Committee on any other Committee) one or two students will be nominated by the Class Council(s) for the purpose. These nominations will be made amongst the members of the Class Council(s) or Executive Council or from the general students.

Clause 9: To manage and execute any activity at small or large scale, committees can be constituted and any other student can be included in the Execution Committees except a student is indulged in the activities described in Clause 10.

Clause 10: If any member of Student Council is found indulged in any kind of illegal activities/ malpractices/ misconduct/ misbehavior/ cheating in exam (or UMC case) will be immediately removed from the Students' Council and he will be eligible after a period of 1 year to become a member of Council again. If the same student is found indulged in the above mentioned activities again, he will not be eligible to become a member of Students Council for rest of the duration of the Course. The academic excellence, good moral character, good conduct and behavior will be the minimum eligibility for selection of a student in the Council.

Clause 11: The students in general will represent their genuine problems or grievances through the Class Council. Thereafter, the Council will represent the case to the concerned H. O. D. directly. The H. O. D. will take the same course of action as described in the Clause 5.

Clause 12: On every first Monday of the month, all Class Councils will meet the Director and the C. E. O. of the Group for General discussions or for specific problems or any kind of feedback to the Management. The C. E. O. of the Group will decide about the presence of other official(s) in this meeting. The Schedule of the meeting will be finalized and displayed two days before the meeting. The same will be notified by the Administration on the Notice Boards, Institute's web site, in the Institute's Library, in Academic Office and PS to Director.



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